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Dentistry Rising

Feb 26, 2020

During this week's Straight Talk Episode, Dr. Robin goes through her list of what she thinks are reasons practices fail, or don't do as well as expected. 

Feb 24, 2020

Dr. Joe Varno is a Minnesota dentist who had to sell his practice and go out on disability.  He was shocked by his disability policy and the money issues that soon came up.  But, he finally figured things out and he shares his secrets with us in this podcast episode.

Feb 17, 2020

So many doctors fail to plan adequately for their retirement and their families.  Dr. Bar-Or discusses the importance of planning and a method to get there. 

Feb 10, 2020

Brett Gilliland from Elite Entrepreneurs talks about how to grow your practice from one million to many millions by becoming a true CEO of your business. 

Feb 6, 2020

In this episode, Dr. Bette Robin answers questions she's been asked during the last month.